ISO creation in a snap

Create ISO images with ease using Free ISO Creator.

Creating ISO images has never been so easy, thanks to Free ISO Creator's basic, functional user interface. We just wish it had included a Help file for novice users.

The user interface is pretty plain, but extremely easy to figure out because it walks you through the ISO creation process. You'll see a tree-style menu file list, and commands for adding files and folders to that list. There are also commands for renaming files and deleting them. Each time you add a file or folder to the list, a size-limit bar at the bottom updates to let you know if you're anywhere close to the size limit, which changes depending on whether you want to save the data on a CD, DVD, or custom device. We quickly browsed for and added selected files and folders to the list, and opted to save the data on a CD. After that, we simply had to name the file, and our ISO was created as soon as clicked the Convert button. Using our default ZIP program, the ISO file appeared on the CD. Options are few, but include a selection of ISO formats and the ability to create a bootable image.

Without a Help file, this tool might not be suitable for novice users, but others will find this freeware a solid addition to their toolbox.

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