'Hexed,' not cursed

This free iPhone app is the Boom! Studios comic book 'Hexed' reformatted for your iPhone.

This free iPhone app is the first issue of Boom! Studios' comic book "Hexed" reformatted for your iPhone. Instead of looking at a full comic book page, you advance from panel to panel by sliding your finger across the screen. Reading the story is surprisingly clear and clean, and although it may seem counter-intuitive, there should be no concerns about eyestrain from squinting.

When you tap the comic, a small and nearly invisible "I" appears in the bottom right corner. This information button wasn't as responsive as we would've liked, but eventually it will open a window with a few details about the comic and the copyright info. You can also change your navigation method from Slide to Fade to Curl, with the last one simulating a page flipping. There's a page slider as well, so you can jump panels out of sequence.

There are no advanced accelerometer features, nor is there a way to bookmark specific panels or sequences. The comic is based on the iVerse Media comic book reader software, so each comic appears on your iPhone as a separate app and each must be configured separately. However, if you're an iPhone-owning comic-book fan, you'll probably get a kick out of reading a comic without worrying about creasing the pages in the palm of your hand.

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