Lives up to its EZ claim

Protect your files with this easy to use program that is marred only by the inability to access one of its features with the trial version.

In a nutshell, EZ Document Safe lets you group important files into one safe, encrypted location. The program worked well with the exception of one feature that we weren't able to access.

The program's user interface is very easy to navigate. A tutorial is included to help you along the way. Menu options and a toolbar run across the top of the window. A tree menu displays the database list and files. We really liked the wizard-like approach it takes for creating new databases. We were able to add new files to the database by dragging and dropping the files into the main window, or by clicking the Add button. Using the double encrypt button, we were able to apply a second password to already protected files and folders. All was going well until we tried to use the synchronization feature. It's supposed to help you organize and differentiate between working files and database files. However, when we clicked on the sync button, we received an error message stating that we had exceeded the limit. The trial limitations specify only a size restriction on the database, but not on the individual features.

While we were able to successfully create and encrypt a database for our important files, not being able to fully access the synchronization feature was disappointing. Still, the easy navigation and security features offered with EZ Document Safe definitely make it worth a try.

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