Customizable toolbar impresses

Prepare to be impressed by this easily customizable toolbar.

With its numerous customization options, this free toolbar quickly became a favorite, and one of the more useful Internet Explorer add-ons we've tested. ALOT Customizable News Toolbars is well-designed and has such a wide variety of buttons to choose from, you're sure to find something you like.

The toolbar fits snugly in your browser window. Though we liked the overall toolbar design, with its colorful, but not cheesy, buttons, we didn't care for the default layout. The customization option took us to the publisher's Web site, where we deleted the toolbar buttons that we didn't like, and we were able to choose from a long list of buttons to add to the toolbar. Users will definitely appreciate the useful shortcut buttons featured on the site that actually enhance your browsing experience. There, we found toolbar buttons that linked us to popular news sites, such as CNN and BBC World News. Despite the toolbar's name, which emphasizes the news options, we also found buttons that linked us to popular health and beauty, cooking, and entertainment sites. The games options were also numerous. All of our changes, whether we deleted or added buttons, immediately took effect, and didn't require restarting our browser. Each button took us exactly where it promised.

You won't find some of the more mundane (and over-used) buttons to block pop-ups or alert you to new e-mail, but this is a bonus in our book, since nearly every other toolbar has them. We highly recommend this toolbar for all user levels.

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