Make them hit the walls

Race your light cycle in this remake of a classic moment from the movie Tron.

LightBike Free is a limited, one-player version of LightBike, a racing game in which you compete in vehicles similar to the light cycles in the classic movie Tron. You steer by tapping the left or right side of your touchscreen, as you build walls to try to box in the three competitor bikes--while trying to avoid their attempts to trap you before the 40-second clock runs out. You navigate with both a behind-the-bike, third-person view and an inset overhead view, and you can tap the center of the screen for a temporary speed boost. You can choose one-, three-, or five-battle races, and there are also options for additional visual effects and vibration feedback. The full version of LightBike has much better replay value, with support for multiplayer and adjustable difficulty, but this free app is still a fun diversion.
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