T minus 10 seconds to shutdown

Shut down your computer in two easy steps.

If you're looking for an effective and efficient program to perform a timed shutdown of your computer, look no further.

MF Shutdown Manager Full Edition is a basic, no-frills program designed to offer an array of functions. Users can force their computers to shut down, restart, lock, hibernate, wake up, standby, and more. The user simply sets a timer in hours, minutes, and seconds, and then selects Start Timer. If the timer is not selected, a predetermined time can be chosen. Simply set the clock within the program for when you want to perform the operation, and then wait. The program will take over from there. One major problem we found with the program during testing is that it does not prompt users to save any open files before beginning the countdown or shutting down the computer. On top of the usual shutdown features, MF Shutdown Manager Full Edition also offers the ability to clear your Internet history, empty the Recycle Bin, and even clean up your desktop. Just a few clicks will automate the process as it also performs the shutdown you desire.

Although it's nothing fancy to look at, this handy utility does everything it promises to do and more. Just be sure to save your work before setting the timer!

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