Registry cleaning just got easier

Clean your registry in a snap.

This handy all-in-one optimizing utility offers more than advertised, and it does it quickly and with little effort.

Comodo Registry Cleaner has a well-designed interface with simple, functional buttons to lead the user in the right direction every time. While it only promises to scan and clean your Registry, there's so much more to this freeware utility. When the program opens, it automatically displays some basic system information about your computer, and it also shows a Tip of the Day without the usual pesky pop-up box. Simply hit the scan button, and wait for the results. More advanced users can select the Optimize button for more options. When the scan is complete, Comodo Registry Cleaner displays results by category to help you decide if an entry should be removed or not. As a safeguard, a reminder lets users create a restore point before removing anything. If you like, you can schedule regular scans of the Registry to keep your system at peak condition. Outside the realm of Registry cleaning, this utility also offers a start-up scan without the need to reboot. Click the program you want to remove from the start-up process, and it is gone.

Anyone who wishes to analyze their system for optimal performance should give Comodo Registry Cleaner a try. Chances are you won't be disappointed with this very effective freeware.

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