Track the files and programs that load at start-up

Chart your start-up processes.

Have you ever wondered what starts up automatically when you boot up your computer? Find out with this utility that gives you an easy to read chart displaying programs and processes that launch at start up.

Bootlog XP offers an intuitive design most users will find easy to understand. In order for the program to assess the boot process, the computer must restart. Because of the restart, the program may prove to be quite sluggish at first, but only because it is analyzing data gathered during the process. When the information is displayed in the chart, each file that has loaded in the start-up process can then be manually clicked on for details. Users can scan the file path, details of when the file began to load, how long it took to load, and any DLL files associated with it. It is up to the user to decide whether or not to disable any programs or files from loading, a step Bootlog XP can't help with. Bootlog XP only shows what loads, and doesn't have any tools to manage processes and programs.

Most users should feel comfortable using this program, as it only requires a restart and the ability to read a simple graph. Any program disabling will have to be done manually or with a separate utility, which may lead some to look for a tool that can handle it all.

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