Move programs from one folder to another

Relocate programs easily and efficiently.

If you've ever installed a new program, then realized you installed it in the wrong folder, this handy utility may be the perfect tool for you.

Application Mover efficiently takes the contents of any folder and moves them to a user-specified area elsewhere on your hard drive. The easy-to-understand interface makes using the program a breeze. Specify the folder your program or files are in and where you'd like everything moved to, and you're set. Other options include a thorough search of the registry and shortcuts, which are all changed automatically if chosen. Users also can request an update to the installer logs. These functions are all recommended, along with the confirmation once complete.

As simple as Application Mover makes the process seem, we still recommend that you understand what's going on behind the scenes before moving application directories. But if you're confident that you know what you're doing, Application Mover can help make the move much easier.

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