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Clock this utility out early, 'cause it only works half the time.

With a great premise and above-average looks, 1 Click Add n Remove falls flat with a sluggish feel and broken functionality. The interface itself goes beyond the norm with an entirely custom look, but the menus are annoyingly slow to deploy, and the window cannot be resized. There's also no way to filter the program list to hide things like Windows updates, and though there is a search option, it doesn't seem to work.

Particularly interesting is an option to hide items within your Start Menu, without deleting them. This function seems to work well, but unfortunately the primary function--uninstallation--seemed inconsistently successful. A few attempted uninstalls resulted in the application's window simply refreshing with no other visible feedback. Only one of the attempted uninstalls was successful, though no feedback was given regarding the removal of Registry keys or other residual items. It seems that if this application is promising to do such things behind the scenes, a bit more feedback and interaction should be expected. The install wizard successfully launched the selected installer, but again, no feedback was provided to indicate that the application had monitored any changes made to the system.

The application never crashed, but obviously didn't work as expected. For $30 trial-ware, this program needs much more care and consideration put into functionality, interactivity, and feedback. Ironically, this utility wouldn't even trigger its own uninstaller, and also did not uninstall itself cleanly, though it did remove the desktop and quick launch icons it added without asking during install. There's promise here, but this program needs to address its various issues before we can fully recommend it.

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