Spring forward, fall behind

Save yourself some time by skipping this relic, unless you're running a relic.

Remember that month in 2007 when everybody was talking about the Daylight Savings changes? You do? Well, so did Microsoft, which is why they released updates to address the changes. Now, if you're running an older system without the benefit of Automatic Updates, or if you just like to stay "off the grid," there's this handy tool to ensure your aging or isolated system doesn't spring forward too late, or fall back too early.

This is the simplest of tools. There's no installation--just run the downloaded file. There are only two buttons, so even your Uncle Frank who dropped the air gun and got a nail in his frontal lobe should be able to use it. There is, of course, no good way to check up on the changes this program makes, except to wait till March or October to see if your clock changes on time or too early.

The version we tested did not have any of the functionality to update remote machines as indicated in the publisher's description or primary screenshot. The two functions ("apply updates" and "reset to defaults") seemed stable enough, and aside from a nag screen about donating, the program is free to download and use. Since there's no installation, removing the program is as simple as deleting the downloaded file. Ultimately, if you're an XP user with Automatic Updates turned on, you should skip this utility. But if you're on an older machine, or don't trust your OS to the whims of its creator, it might be worth checking out.

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