See what's eating your space

Discover where all your disk space is going using this simple tool.

With a no-nonsense interface, this little utility puts most of its functionality right at your fingertips, enabling you to discover via lists and charts which files and folders on your drive are consuming most of the space. With tasteful icons and toolbars, it is at once functional and intuitive.

There is certainly no shortage of options for tailoring the generated lists, from the standard file/folder list to a list by "Size range," showing, for example, how many files are between 1K and 16K in size. Also, some operations are limited to the currently selected directory and its files and folders, while others allow recursive processing of everything below the current folder. The program works well enough, and seems responsive except when generating a new list (or refreshing) for a drive or large folder. Using the exclusion filter does require a refresh to be run, and the program did not see a newly created mapped network drive until it was shut down and restarted.

There were no stability issues during testing, except for the previously mentioned need to restart. The download is a limited-time trial, and includes a few nagging reminders to register, but we didn't find any usage restrictions. Installation and uninstallation were clean and easy, although it adds a desktop shortcut without asking during install. Overall, this is a respectable addition into the pantheon of directory and file-size scanning and reporting tools. Whether it's worth the almost $28 registration fee is for you to decide.

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