A user-friendly history cleaner and privacy utility

Take a good look at this history cleaner, which provides a detailed look at what it proposes to delete before going to work.

Clean Space launches a clean, user-friendly interface with tabbed navigation that categorizes its scanning areas by Windows, Browsers, Media, Internet files, and Miscellaneous. Users won't be distracted by needless graphics and jarring colors; instead, this tool clearly lists the items it will delete in detailed fashion.

This utility performed very well in our tests. We liked how clearly it presented its info, and how easily we could disable proposed deletions. Whitelisting individual cookies and Registry items was very simple to accomplish. And we very much liked how Clean Space divided file types into categories, such as listing separate entries under IE 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, and Winamp Toolbar 5. We also were pleased to select from different types of removal methods--from simple quick delete to the U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M--and the levels of cleaning, including defining which disks to clean "against any possible recovery." The cleaning pass itself was accomplished very quickly, and we liked that the progress display included the area currently being accessed.

While Clean Space's user-friendliness might appeal to the novice, we recommend this effective tool for intermediate users and above who are comfortable with the Registry.

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