Handy password keeper

Try out this password keeper utility if you have trouble remembering the codes you need for a growing number of apps, secure sites, and e-mail accounts.

Flying Bit Password keeper launches a compact but cleanly designed, user-friendly interface that makes organizing your passwords according to type a very simple matter. We liked especially how the interface's toolbar included an icon that made saving the utility to a USB drive or other removable device so simple.

In our tests, this free utility performed very well. It's simple enough that novice users will easily master it. The ability to organize passwords in the directory by function added to the utility's ease of use and usefulness. We liked the detail it provided for the items associated with our passwords, and that we could choose from four encryption methods--AES (Rijnadael) 256-bit; AES (Rijnadael) 128-bit; Twofish; and Blowfish--which should be adequate for most personal use. Commercial and expert users will require more bells and whistles, and there are more robust encryption apps available, but most home users will find this freeware utility handy enough.

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