All-in-one toolbar tries too hard, falls short

Think twice before trying this free toolbar that tries to offer something for everyone.

The Cash Point toolbar installs an attractively designed bar along the top of your Internet Explorer window--a nice change from many garishly designed toolbars that try to provide something for everyone. The arrangement of tools--search field, weather data, Internet radio tuner, e-mail notifier, and a drop-down list of links--isn't cluttered or too tightly packed. Still, appearance isn't everything.

In our tests, this free toolbar loaded fine, but after about five minutes of use, we received a "This toolbar is corrupted and must close" message. It would load OK in subsequent sessions, but was annoying nonetheless. We also weren't able to change the news headline feed from the BBC, even though we didn't care about recent soccer scores. Further, we really did not want a drop-down list of free come-ons for easy cash, cheap goodies, free this-and-that--for that, we have e-mail accounts with Spam and Junk Mail folders.

The radio tuner worked fine, and adding a station was a simple process, but that wasn't enough to sell us on this toolbar. Everything we liked about this toolbar is found in a thousand others, and there's nothing that makes this one special.

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