Pop-up creator lacks some handy features

Take a look at this popup creator only if you already have some experience building.

Building a custom pop-up for inclusion in an application or Web page is simple and straightforward with Popup Software, it's just not possible to see how you're doing or get any help.

The program's compact interface with tabbed navigation is easy to follow, but we were still disappointed to find that the Help link is for a page that has moved or no longer exists. Users are on their own if they have questions. Fortunately this utility is pretty easy to figure out. We liked that we could set the frequency of a pop-up's appearance, and change background and title colors, but there was no way to preview or test the end result.

Novices should probably look for a tool that offers a bit more hand-holding, or at the very least, a good user guide. Experienced pop-up builders, on the other hand, will probably have enough confidence in their skills to appreciate the ease this free utility provides.

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