Works well, but hits you in the wallet

Customizing your folders isn't cheap with this utility.

Folder Marker Home is like TiVo, one of those programs that you didn't know you needed until you tried it. It takes folder organization up a few notches by letting you customize your folders for quick, at-a-glance access. We're just not sure it's worth the hefty price tag.

The program has an extremely easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is browse for a specific folder or folders (you can customize multiple folders at once), select from a tabbed-style menu of folder icons, and click the Apply button to instantly apply the changes. The icon menu includes different folder colors, alphabetical and numerical-themed folders, and folders with symbols. The program also offers the capability to apply the folder customization to all subfolders in one fell swoop. We were a little disappointed to find that you can't combine icons. For example, you can't combine, say, a purple folder, with a letter icon. Also, a Help feature is included, but it was created in Windows Help format, a feature that isn't included with Vista. Still, most users shouldn't have any problems navigating the interface.

Folder Marker Home offers a 30-day trial period, which is more than enough time to get acquainted with the program. But as much as we liked all of the folder customization options, we just aren't sure it's worth the steep cost. Still, it's worth a test-drive if you need help organizing your folders.

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