Toolbar fails to impress

Lower your expectations if you're looking for tons of useful iTunes resources with this free toolbar.

Judging by this plug-in's name, we imagined a toolbar that would give you one-click access to all things iTunes. While it did offer a few helpful resources and gadgets, we weren't overly impressed by its offerings.

iTunes Downloads Toolbar for Internet Explorer has a drop-down menu for iTunes Resources, including links that take you directly to the Apple Web site for accessories and support. The iTunes Store button again took us to the Apple site. The iTunes RSS had no activity whatsoever, and we couldn't get the radio to work for us either. We did like the quick links to several helpful iTunes-related video tutorials, and the game selections on the Gadgets menu to help pass the time. You can customize the toolbar, and remove the bits you don't like, replacing them with gadgets found in yet another link. You'll also find the standard features--pop-up blocker, weather forecast, and e-mail notification, and these worked as expected.

Most of the iTunes quick links offered with this toolbar can just as easily be accessed directly through the Apple Web site, but you can customize it to your liking and there's no charge for this toolbar.

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