Browser offers a fresh change of scenery

Forgive this free browser's one unnecessary feature and don't let it prevent you from trying out this free browser.

This freeware browser has two components--the browser, and a menu bar that strongly resembles Apple's dock. The browser, while not perfect, performed well. We could have done without the menu bar.

As soon as Aw2 Explorer Flex was installed, our computer's performance slowed down considerably. The menu bar appeared at the top of our desktop window, and contained shortcuts to IE, Control Panel, and our Recycle Bin. The programs were slow to launch using the menu bar, and we couldn't empty our Recycle Bin using the bar. The browser itself was slow to load, but as soon as we closed the menu bar, its performance improved. With features similar to IE, users familiar with that browser will feel very comfortable. The interface is customizable, and we liked the tool layout. Everything was within reach without overwhelming the view. Just a quick glance, and we could view memory and CPU usage. The privacy tools successfully cleaned browsing traces, and all of our favorites were successfully imported.

Oddly, we were never able to set our home page, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a minor annoyance. Users of all skill levels will find Aw2 Explorer Flex easy to use, but we recommend that you immediately deactivate the menu bar upon installation to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

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