Trial version permanently wipes files, folders

Deleting private files and folders is easy with this encryption tool.

Cryptomax WipeData lets users safely and permanently remove files. Because of its trial limitation, we weren't able to try every feature, but it proved to be a capable tool.

The program has a very easy-to-use interface, and a wizard walks you through the deletion process, so you likely won't need any help. Which is good, because none is offered. If you aren't ready to pay for the program, you're only choice is the Normal wipe. The Advanced method has more rewrite options, but requires payment first. With just a few clicks, files and folders were quickly added to the wipe list. There's a safeguard built in for button users--you have to type OK to confirm the action before clicking the Wipe Now! Button. In our tests, the program instantly removed the selected files and folders, and searches for deleted items came up empty.

Cryptomax WipeData is easy enough for all user levels to understand. While we can't vouch for extras on offer with the paid version, the unpaid version provided us with a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted files.

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