Ready, aim, iFire!

Play a fun artillery game on your iPhone or iPod Touch

iShoot Lite is a free, turn-based artillery game in which two to four tanks--controlled by human players or computer AIs--duke it out with a variety of destructive weapons. As with similar games, your accuracy is determined by the angle and power of each shot (which you determine with easy touchscreen controls), but iShoot Lite adds a couple of interesting twists: the terrain is constantly getting destroyed, changing the positions of the battling tanks, and each round you can buy and sell different weapons with different effects, everything from Mega Mortars to Stinger Missiles and Tactical Nukes.

Unfortunately, in this free version there is a limited arsenal and no tank movement, and some players might find the arcade-style controls frustrating at first, as timing the force of your shot can take some practice. Overall, though, this is a good value and good fun for fans of artillery games.

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