Animated potential

Transform your Windows Vista desktop into a living scene with DeskScapes.

Putting the clumsier applications of animated wallpaper to shame, DeskScapes wields Windows Vista's 3D hardware acceleration to result in crisp, buoyant, sometimes photorealistic animated wallpaper in the .Dream format.

Dynamic wallpaper this nice is a visual extravagance, but one with a catch. You're welcome to use the three bundled deskscapes without charge for as long as you'd like. But the swaying grass and rippling water will pull you to the online gallery of publisher- and user-made motifs you can download for free or for a premium. This is where the app gets you--you can install all the deskscapes you'd like, but you won't be able to use them in DeskScapes without upgrading to the premium version. That knowledge alone may frustrate potential buyers interested in seeing a few more demos before they commit. Either way, anyone looking to add some sparkle and personality to their otherwise static Vista desktop will find in this app a handful of high-quality scenes on the house.

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