Make some noise

Annoy your spouse or co-workers beyond reason with this simple, if sluggish, tool.

Think your clackety keyboard is loud enough? Think again! Funny Typing's fairly simple purpose is to make some noise each time you press a key. It's not bad looking, with a straightforward interface and a nice toolbar with large icons. It comes with several themes and the ability to easily download new ones from inside the program.

All the features are easy to find, and seem easy to understand, even without a Help file. You can use the predefined themes, alter them, or create your own. Response time between key press and sound was frequently lagging, and pressing keys in rapid succession (typing) meant that some sounds were jumbled, lost, or interrupted. Overall, however, it worked as well as could be expected. While this program couldn't be considered useful per se, the inclusion of a speech theme brought it closer. Unfortunately, as an accessibility enhancement, it's limited and easily surpassed by existing software. Interestingly, the program offers the ability to create and manage system-wide hot keys.

Occasionally, there were crashes and error windows popping up, and it was sluggish switching between themes. Otherwise, stability was good. The sound files make for a somewhat hefty download, and the time-limited trial and price position this app for those with money to burn. The program's installer doesn't ask before placing icons on the desktop and start menu, and the uninstaller leaves behind files and directories. Ultimately, this app is entertaining for a couple minutes, and if that's OK with you at this price, this program might be for you.

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