Optimizing for novices

Find a well-designed, easy-to-use optimizer that will satisfy nearly any novice user's system management needs.

Many optimizer packages offer a mishmash of tools seemingly tossed in a box, but this well-designed, easy-to-use optimizer will satisfy nearly any novice user's system management needs. However, although the developer's description says the free download version has no limitations, some features were disabled in our tests.

Magic Memory Optimizer launches an attractive interface that's simple to comprehend and navigate. The initial launch window displays current usage for Memory, CPU, Physical Memory, along with some settings you can configure to tweak general memory management.

This utility worked fine in our tests, although we were disappointed that the Advanced Optimizer options for adjusting CPU processes were disabled in the free version. Upgrading for a registered version includes a minimal cost and opens the door to free upgrades and technical support. However, using the free functionality, we were pleased we could free or compress memory with just a button click. We also were able to configure some of Magic Memory Optimizer's settings, adjust how our system manages Windows' visual effects, and processor performance. The list of System Processes is handy, but it really offers no more functionality than Windows' Task Manager. The HTML help file is well-organized and addressed any and all questions we had.

Novices will find this application handy and easy to use. However, experienced users will prefer a toolbox with more robust bells and whistles, and probably should skip over this utility.

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