Gain much needed hard-drive space

Deleting unwanted files has never been quicker.

This scanner provides tools to swiftly free hard-disk space, but it lacks explanation of its features for novice users. Fortunately, Wise Disk Cleaner 3 Pro has a simple interface and is very easy to use.

The program works effectively and efficiently to remove temporary files without using much of the computer's resources. Users can set the program to perform a disk clean automatically, but there is no way to control when the automatic clean takes place. Fortunately, the program lets the user delete all files to the Recycle Bin, which may save headaches later on over a missing file. However, there is little explanation as to what the files are and why they may be deleted. For that reason alone, we feel this program is perfectly suited for someone with at least an intermediate knowledge of file extensions or disk cleaning utilities.

Wise Disk Cleaner 3 Pro is freeware, so more experienced users might find this fits their toolbox on a budget.

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