Registry cleaner offers only half-functionality

Scan all you want with RegSweep, but you won't able to repair a single item with the demo version.

RegSweep launches a nicely designed, user-friendly interface that melds colors, text, and buttons in a nice package. Determining how to direct this free app to analyze your system is very simple. However, our satisfaction level with this download is low.

RegSweep completed a system scan for ActiveX, invalid shortcuts, orphaned start-up items, and similar stray bits within 60 seconds and identified 343 problems. Great! We were all ready to clean up these loose ends to make our system zoom like the precision instrument we dream it could be. Unfortunately, RegSweep's demo download is just a tease; all its repair features are disabled until you purchase the full-featured version. It was also disappointing to visit the online Help, first notes of which were about purchasing and activating the program--not really a lot of help at all.

Any app can claim to perform wonders, but if it doesn't prove its worth during testing, there's no way to justify its claims. We recommend you skip this package in favor of an app that can prove it does what it says it does.

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