A middle-of-the-road system tweaker for casual users

Steer clear of this optimizing toolbox if you're a power user, but casual users might like this package's selection of easy-to-use features.

PC Fixer launches an attractive, well-designed interface that's easy to navigate. The functional design complements its ease of use. The feature list is adequate for most users, although experienced techies will prefer a more robust toolbox with more detail provided by its analysis.

Still, this free optimizer package performed well in our tests. It responded quickly, and we liked that it prioritized "ailments" needing repair when it scanned the Registry. We also liked that we could select categories for tweaking, such as IE, individual apps, Startup, Performance, and Service. And, should your changes have a bad outcome, an Undo button restores settings. We were disappointed no real warnings accompanied this section of the toolbox, and novices might mistake ease of use with being safe to use. For a free tool, though, the live chat Help is impressive and should be handy for folks unsure of the next step.

PC Fixer is a good middle-of-the-road toolbox. It probably won't be suitable for power users, but less intensive users will find it just right for making basic optimization tweaks.

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