Who can resist a little cache?

View your cache...or his cache...or her cache.

You might not have noticed, but the built-in viewer for your browser cache is a tad annoying--it's basically just a glorified Explorer window, and lists cookies alongside the cached files. IECacheView goes beyond the built-in with extra features you didn't know you wanted but will appreciate having, all while also managing to keep it simple.

On the surface, your basic list window and toolbar interface plays it cool. Dig in, however, and you'll find context and application menus that let you do a lot. You've got the basic open and locate stuff, but you can also work with the originating URLs or with the cached files themselves. You can save or copy bits of the list, view HTML reports, or customize your list view. Column sorting is a good, if standard, feature, but you can also filter the list based on file type. By default, IECacheView shows your cache, but if you have access, you can easily point the program at a different directory to view someone else's.

There weren't any stability issues, but deleting files seems weird, as deleted files aren't actually removed from the list, don't show up in the Recycle Bin, and don't go away on refresh; otherwise everything seems to work as expected. This freeware app has no functionality restrictions or limitations. The download is a ZIP file, and there's no installer or uninstaller--just extract the files wherever you like, and delete them to remove the app. IECacheView fulfills its purpose with features to spare, and is worth checking out if you need to get control of your cache...or dig around in someone else's.

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