Shut down options and more

Manage your PC's shutdown options with this easy utility.

Don't let its name fool you; this little utility comes with a wide range of options for not only shutting down, but also for hibernating and restarting your computer at times specified by you.

Easy ShutDown has a very basic user interface. We were disappointed to find that it didn't include a Help feature, but we were able to navigate the program very easily. Using either the menu options or toolbar commands, you can add multiple shutdown actions. When adding a new action, you can opt to activate the action after a certain amount of time, at a certain date and time, or during a range of dates. If you select a range of dates, you can choose to skip specific days. During our first round, we chose to put our PC in hibernation mode at a specific time. The program worked flawlessly, putting our computer to sleep at our designated time. We even liked that it gave us a few extra seconds to cancel the action. Each shutdown option can be activated immediately from the Action menu. The program also throws in a few system settings that let you manage your administrative tools and display settings from the interface.

The 30-use trial may not seem like much, but it's ample time to experience Easy ShutDown. Despite the lack of a Help menu, we recommend it for all user levels.

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