Works better than expected

Photogene gives iPhone and iPod Touch users the capability to edit photos directly on their devices.

Photogene is an image-manipulation tool that lets users crop images, correct color distribution, sharpen, rotate, and mirror images, as well as add special effects.

The application responds quickly to commands. We expected the application to bog down when changing color distributions with the histogram or cropping images, but the changes were nearly instant.

Photogene ran fast and worked nearly flawlessly during our few days with it. The only bug we ran into with the application was while creating screenshots for this review, so most people will probably never run into the same issue. When you create a screenshot while the application is running, it doesn't refresh the image list so you can edit the screenshot. Instead, you must restart the application for it to appear. However, images edited in the application and saved are immediately available for editing without restarting the program.

Even with its limited feature set, this application is well worth the $2.99 it costs.

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