The next-level ringtone

Take calling to the next level with a free application that plays a video ringtone when you call a pal.

It's easy to appreciate Vringo's reshaping of the classic ringtone from an audio clip the recipient attaches to an inbound call, to a short video clip that the sender wants played. The result is a fun, social service for self-expression on the cell phone. Vringo's Java application lets you manage on the mobile phone what you would otherwise have to tweak online--from previewing and setting new video ringtones (vringos, in the lingo) to sharing vringos in your collection with friends. As a bonus, you'll be able to upload videos from your mobile phone into Vringo's mobile application for conversion into a Vringo. Of course, video ringtones only play when both ends of the line have the application installed.

While the video quality has improved for phones running Java's J8 operating system, there's always room for more. We'd likewise like to see snappier speeds while downloading and previewing the vringos, and we're looking forward to an expanded selection of ringtones when Vringo goes freemium and introduces videos good enough to pay for.

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