Honey, I shrunk the Firefox tabs!

Minimize tabs and maximize browser space with this Firefox add-on.

If you find yourself browsing dozens of Web pages at once, this free add-on offers a handy way to manage all those open tabs.

FaviconizeTab is a behind-the-scenes add-on for Firefox 1.5 and newer. It quickly transforms the size of a single tab into nothing larger than the Favicon already displayed on it. Users can simply right-click any open tab, select the FaviconizeTab option, and the tabs shrinks instantaneously. The same action quickly returns the tab to normal size. Although that's the sum total of FaviconizeTab's functionality, the program worked without flaw in our tests.

When Internet gurus find themselves with a cluttered browser, this add-on could be the key to organization and tidiness. Recommended for any level user.

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