System information at a glance

Look no further than Moo0 System Monitor for system information.

Quickly and painlessly monitor a number of system resources with this simple utility to see if there are any issues slowing down your computer. Moo0 SystemMonitor has a simple, easy-to-understand interface that requires little explanation.

It places itself on the desktop, similar to the Windows sidebar. The program displays up to 24 sets of data, ranging from hard-drive temperature, memory usage, and network connections to the number of processes loaded or the length of time the computer has been on. With a simple right-click, users can manipulate where it is placed and how it will appear. If needed, it also can be minimized to the system tray. With the same right-click, it is possible to select any of the 24 data sets available to display, allowing users to select what data they want to see. Other settings include changing the color and layout of the program, as well as the frequency the information refreshes and how the program reacts when you place your mouse over the display.

If you're looking for an easy to use system monitoring program that can be customized to your liking and that anyone can master, look no farther than Moo0 SystemMonitor.

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