No fixes with the demo version

Find issues plaguing your system, but don't look for any fixes with the trial version.

This diagnostic utility quickly scans your computer looking for any problems. The biggest problem is there's nothing you can do to fix those issues unless you purchase the full version of PC MightyMax.

PC MightyMax is a colorful, well designed program that's easy to use. Users only have a few options, highlighted by very large, very visible buttons. You can diagnose problems, speed up your computer, or manage previous actions you may have taken. Choosing to scan the system for problems, prompts the program to spend about five minutes scanning the entire system looking for broken shortcuts, invalid start-up files, or invalid registry paths. Unfortunately, when you want to fix the problems, you're prompted to purchase the full version of the program. However, users can view and print a detailed listing of issues and handle them manually, although this option is recommended only for advanced users. To speed up the computer, PC MightyMax scans for all programs that load during system start up, but users must decide if these programs should load or not, a task not for the newbie.

If you're looking for a quick, simple, free utility to scan your hard drive for any issues, PC MightyMax can help. But, if you want those issues automatically fixed, we suggest you find a program that allows you to fully test all of its functionality.

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