Optimizing made easy

Optimize your system's performance with an easy-to-use app that will satisfy nearly any novice user's wants for system management.

Developers are getting smarter by making their applications more appealing through improved interface design. But good looks don't necessarily mean good performance. But in the case of this toolbox, a professional-looking interface is nicely combined with ease of use and quick performance.

Memory Improve Professional launches a nicely designed interface that's easy to comprehend and simple to navigate. The dial-based gauge displays a quick-to-grasp visual of your system's memory use.

This app's tools performed nicely in our tests. We liked that the settings for configuring this utility's performance were on the launch window, so we could address those matters up front. We also liked that configuring thresholds for memory use could be done simply with sliding bars, and that defaults could be quickly re-instituted with a button click. Another handy feature was the one-click button to free memory in cases where we were taxing our system. The list of System Processes is handy, but it really offers no more functionality than Windows' Task Manager. The HTML Help file is well-organized and truly helpful.

The nag screen at launch is a minor irritant, and we wish the trial limit were longer, although the period is adequate for basic performance tests. Novices will find this app handy and easy to use. However, experienced users will prefer a tool box with more robust bells and whistles, and may want to skip over this utility--but the ease of use is certainly appealing.

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