Access frequently used programs quickly

Open frequently used programs quickly and monitor your system status with ease.

This application manager allows users to access frequently used programs, but its extras may cause chaos in the system tray.

Application Assistant is a fairly clear-cut utility, allowing users to quickly load programs from a multicolored bar on the right side of the desktop. Users can easily add to and sort their list of programs for quicker access. While this is similar to the recently used programs feature already programmed into the Windows Start menu, this application manager offers other features. Several aspects of the user's system status are displayed in the system tray. Users can pick and choose from an assortment of data to display, such as hard-drive temperature, CPU usage, free RAM, and network traffic. Application Assistant even offers real-time weather updates via AccuWeather, although several major cities were missing from its database. Even the color of the font can be changed to accommodate any desktop. While all of these features are very handy, it has potential to fill the system tray.

Even if you don't take advantage of the extras, novices to experts who don't like browsing the All Programs list can benefit from this easy to use freeware utility.

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