Quick address suggestions

Find Web pages faster with this Firefox add-on.

This integrated Firefox add-on provides Web address autocomplete assistance, but it's not as advanced as it advertises.

Since Autocomplete Manager is integrated into Firefox, it sits nicely out of view until users begin entering a Web address. Begin typing any Web address, and several suggestions appear below the address bar. The suggestions are based on user-specified options, as well as bookmarks and frequently visited sites. A quick visit to the Tools menu allows access to the inner workings of the application. Users can customize the appearance of the autocomplete component by selecting sorting criteria, bookmark position within the results, the number of visible suggestions, and more. Although these features can come in handy for anyone who browses many pages per day, Firefox versions 3.0 and above already have a similar feature. Many of the publisher's promise come off sounding a bit more grand than Autocomplete Manager actually delivers, but it does quickly provide results as you type.

This freeware gets the job done and costs you nothing to use. It's simple enough for anyone to use.

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