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Find help resizing online JPG images, but be prepared for some do-it-yourself training with this free Firefox add-on.

ResizR is a free Firefox add-on that lets you resize images that you see on the Web. While it did perform its function, we found it awkward to navigate.

After reading the publisher's description, we were disappointed to find that it only works for JPEG images. However, once we found a Web image, all we had to do was right-click, and select the ResizR option from our context menu. But instead of letting us resize the image from the same Web page we found it, it took us to a new Web page. The resizing options were few, and vague at that. To change the image width, we were told to either enter a number or use the slider, but no slider was available. There was also no help available for any resizing questions. We were able to rotate our image by selecting one of the four rotation options. All of our changes immediately took effect on the same Web page. The one highlight of the add-on is the drag and drop feature, which allowed us to drag our image to our desktop, and we were able to save it to our location of choice.

The whole process of grabbing and manipulating files using from a separate Web page was a pain. But if you're just looking for a simple tool to manipulate JPEG images, this add-on is worth a try. Beyond that, you're better off looking for a more functional image grabber.

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