Free from unnecessary bells, whistles

Stay up to date with your favorite feeds with Webu, which proved to be easier to use than a first glance at its interface might lead you to believe.

Despite an initially intimidating interface, this RSS feed reader turned out to be very simple to use. Webu launches a no-frills but very functional interface with a series of buttons for adding and deleting news feeds and keywords for narrowing feed hits. Helpful informational windows pop up on first launch to help guide the new user.

This application performed well in our tests, responding promptly to our clicks. It quickly checked selected feeds for our user-defined topics, and adding and deleting feeds and keywords was a snap. We liked that we could choose to check RSS feeds or Web pages, and we also liked how the application "learned" our preferences by recording our ratings of different topics on a given site.

Novices looking for a simple feed reader should check out Webu, although RSS veterans may prefer more bells and whistles. But the simplicity of configuring and using Webu should appeal to anyone interested in keeping track of their favorite topics without having to continually check Web sites for updates.

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