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Provides a suite of system management tools in a nicely designed package.

Promoted as a PC system cleaner, this utility provides a suite of system management tools in a nicely designed package.

PC Washer launches a colorful window displaying a 3D pie chart of your system's used and unused disk space. A vertical row of buttons provides access to the the usual suspects for this type of performance toolbox: Uninstaller, Startup Manager, Service Manager (for deactivating "needless Windows services"), File Shredder, Memory Booster, Process Manager, 0 Byte Folder Remover, and Disk Wiper.

The toolbox performed well in our tests. We liked the memory usage graph and CPU usage graph's real-time displays, as well as the bars illustrating our system's remaining physical memory, page files, and virtual memory. We also liked how quickly PC Washer scanned our system for 0 byte files and folders and listed the results with their filepaths. That the application pops-up a message box when opening some tools--"This tool is suggested for users with some experience. Continue now?"--is a nice touch.

The trial limit is rather short, and the nag screen bugged us a little. The application's price isn't steep, but most of these capabilities already are built into Windows. You're mostly paying for a different presentation. However, this box of tools works well, and some users will prefer its friendly functionality to what they already have.

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