Not completely problem-free

Includes some notable features, but occasional glitches outweighed the pluses.

This suite of system maintenance tools had some notable features, but occasional glitches outweighed the pluses.

MZ Vista Force launches colorful interfaces for each of its several tools, each of which is designed for performing system maintenance and enhancement. Despite the candy-bright colors, each interface is a bit busy and cluttered. The provided tools include the usual suspects for this type of performance toolbox: Disk cleaner, memory optimizer, RAM booster, registry backup, and others.

We liked that each tool's options provided the user some control over the processes, unlike some one-click toolboxes designed for ease of use; the latter leave their processes shrouded in mystery, and can cause some problems. On the other hand, MZ Vista Force's many options may intimidate and confuse many novices, so this free application is best employed by experienced users.

Some of the items in this bundle of tools performed well in our tests, but the program had problems from the beginning. We received an error message when the package attempted to install a desktop icon and the Registry Backup tool crashed when we attempted to launch it. Other tools performed fine after that, however, and we liked the Services Manager's list of processes, which displays the file path and tells you whether a service is running, if it started automatically at start-up, or if it required manual launching. We also liked the Ram Booster's tabbed interface, which provided a pleasing array of options for optimizing RAM use.

This tweaker package has some handy tools, and the price is right, but the problems we encountered keep us from giving it a wholehearted recommendation.

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