A matter of preference

Schedule shut down operations with a few clicks using this tool, but users will have to decide if the price is warranted.

It gives you more options for managing your PC's power-saving features, but Auto Shutdown King's price may seem a bit steep.

Auto Shutdown King launches a small, simple interface with two columns of radio buttons. Its options are clearly labeled, but determining how best to use this utility isn't obvious at first launch. Adding a more detailed Help feature would be a good start for the next upgrade.

After some trial and error experimentation, configuring the utility for scheduling shut downs, log offs, restarts, or simply hibernations was a matter of a few clicks. Auto Shutdown King performed well, responding appropriately to our set up. While Windows' installed power-saving and sleep features will be adequate for most users, those experienced users who want a bit more control will find this utility a handy addition to their toolbox.

The demo version has no limitations, so you can see if the functionality warrants registration.

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