Hold on to your desktop layout

Gets a thumb's up from us, but some folks may be intimidated by the price.

Advanced Desktop Shield installs an icon in the system tray that lets you access a nicely designed and easy-to-use interface. In our tests, saving a managing desktop layout was simple, and we mastered the process in less than two minutes, thanks to the clearly defined buttons and layout of the interface.

This application performed quickly in all our tests, and it restored changed desktop layouts quickly and without fail after multiple boots and restarts, even when we changed the wallpaper. If your PC has multiple users, this application offers a great method for each to have a customized desktop layout if one or the other simply can't stop from moving or changing desktop elements during their session. Further, if you dedicate sessions to certain tasks that require specific desktop elements, you can customize a number of layout files for each type of session, and apply them as needed from the application's interface.

This easy-to-use application gets a thumb's up from us, but some folks may be intimidated by the price. Still, it may be a small cost to easily restore your desktop to your specification.

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