Mysterious methods leave users in the dark

Optimize and maintain your system with this tool, although it's not so clear how it goes about getting the job done.

It's easy to understand how to use this system optimizer and maintenance tool, but it's not so clear how it goes about getting the job done.

WinMultiFix launches a tabbed interface that isn't particularly well designed, but its plain appearance mirrors its all-business functionality. Despite its no-frills look, the program could use a decent Help file to inform users about its processes and how it works.

For instance, one tab offers a Temp File Cleaner. Operation is simple--enter the drive to clean and press a button. A progress bar provided the only clue that the application was working. When it finished, it displayed the number of files cleaned, but showed no additional information. There's also a button to defrag drives. All of the other features are lumped in the second tab, which is vaguely labeled Other Fixes. The Options menu allowed minimal configuration, and most of the details about WinMultiFix's actions remained hidden behind the scenes.

In our tests, this utility performed quickly, but the lack of a basic Help file and too few user settings leave too much unexplained. Novices may find it appealing because of its ease of use, but we suggest looking for an application that gives the user more information and more control.

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