Effective file compression with help for mobile devices

Get help cutting large Microsoft Office files down to size, but you'll have to make each of the sessions count with the demo version's 10-use restriction.

Although it's easy to compress and reconfigure select Microsoft Office files with this useful utility, NXPowerLite's short 10-use demo is on the stingy side.

Still, anyone who can use Windows Explorer can use this tool. The dialog-size interface merely displays a list of files chosen to compress, a pull down menu to choose compression level, and an Optimize execution button. NXPowerLite works on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel file formats since Office 97.

The application offers five compression options from the quick Normal to the slower but more precise High Quality. Also included are a custom set of compression options and a special mode for mobile devices. Testers found each option effective and quick. The option for mobile devices helpfully compresses with 320-pixel wide screens in mind, and it reformats the files to fit the small screens. The application will also convert embedded items such as Photoshop files into much smaller formats, but it makes the embedded file impossible to edit.

NXPowerLite's ease of use somewhat offsets the 10-use trial restriction. Any user who frequently works with large Microsoft Office files should give this simple, effective application a try.

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