Not pretty, but it gets the job done

Tweak your system with the multitude of accessible and helpful tools found in this set of tools.

A well-organized and easily implemented set of tweaking tools for XP offset XTweak's somewhat unappealing interface. The simple tab menu system ensures users will quickly find tweaks when needed.

Particularly helpful is the program's reminder corner that lists Registry and System backup needs. The corner adds a quick link to implement the needed function, though testers found the Registry backup slower than usual. Some testers were forced to end the XTweak process to regain control of their systems.

That problem aside, XTweak's tools are ripe for exploration. The tabs speak to the multitude of accessible and helpful tools: Daily Tools, Tools, System, Information, Optimizations, Customizations, and File. Each includes check box toggles to enable or disable each tweak. Some tweaks are simply on or off, but many have gradients that are also set with a click.

The Registry and disk cleaner are fast and accurate. The Hard Drives Monitor uses simple gauges for quick checks. Startup items are removed, enabled, or disabled with just a check. The program's full complement of tweaks are too numerous to list, but a day or two of the 10-day test should give users an accurate understanding of the program's features.

Any user looking for quick, easy, and helpful system improvements should give Xtweak a spin.

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