Registration required to test drive this app

Create your first encrypted virtual drive with Steganos Safe 2008 in a quarter of the time it takes to register the demo version.

Secure, easy to set up, and simple to access are the basic requirements for encrypted virtual drives. Steganos Safe 2008 meets all those requirements, but forces users to register to test drive the software. The app's very simple interface won't take users 30 seconds to study and master. A comprehensive Help manual explains the app to those who want more behind-the-scenes details.

The download link actually opens the Steganos Web site, where users must register with the publisher to receive a link to the demo installation app and 30-day registration serial number.

After program install, you'll create your first encrypted virtual drive in a quarter of the time it took to register. Click an icon, name the drive, pick a drive letter, choose a drive size, and create your drive. That's all there is to it. Detail-oriented users can place the virtual drive somewhere other the default location with the common Windows browse tool. All the settings are as easily changed after the drive is created. All drives can have unique user-selected passwords.

To block access to the drive and hide it from prying eyes, users merely close the drive with a click. The program's interface keeps track of all created drives and their current open or closed state.

Steganos Safe 2008 adds a few extras such as the option to store password keys on flash drives, or mount drives as local or removable. This app works well, but it isn't considerably better than some freeware secure drive creators, and you won't have to jump through registration hoops just to try them.

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