Its beauty lies in its simplicity

Create a secure drive space with this easy to use application.

The beauty of this freeware secure drive space application lies in its simplicity. Steganos Safe One's very basic interface and short wizard make it a snap to quickly create two secure drive spaces of up to 1GB each. Novice users may need the short Help manual, but most will pick up this app with no assistance save from the tooltips.

Operation is quick and to the point: install the app and follow the prompts to create your drive space. The text might lead some users to believe the program encrypts an entire drive, but it is just a space on the selected drive. It does, however, give the space a drive letter. That makes it easy to copy and move files from an opened secure drive space. Closing the secure drive space makes the files unviewable from Windows Explorer.

The app includes tools to help users create and use secure passwords. Even inserting a specific USB stick drive can be set to open the secure drive space. Any user looking for an easy to use, and secure, encrypted drive space should try Steganos Safe One.

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