Too much trouble

Skip this overly complicated disk encryption tool that convolutes operation without providing adequate direction.

Overly complicated operation and poorly written documentation combine to make this disk encryption tool an easy one to skip. DiskEncryptor's basic interface lacks flow, functions are logically placed, and navigation is awkward. The program's manual appears poorly translated into English. Novice users will be more confused than helped by the file.

Operating DiskEncryptor depends on various setup factors. Logical disks, partitions, and virtual disks are eligible for 256-bit AES encryption. Each setup offers individual pitfalls, but all share functions that open tabs of poorly explained options. In fairness, experienced users will have less trouble, but similar apps are far easier to use with better results.

Creating virtual disks takes a few steps to create an FAT or FAT32 image file. Once set up, virtual disks are mounted for access. Common Windows' tools can access the virtual disks. Passwords are easily set per virtual disk, and are required to access a drive once encrypted. Unmounted image files are unreadable by Windows tools.

DiskEncryptor also encrypts CD ISO files, but most users will find the program less flexible than many similar applications, and won't get past the first few days of the short 20-day trial.

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