Cryptdisk.4h keeps it simple

Find easy installation and operation with this freeware virtual encrypted disk tool, which proved to be a snap for anyone to use.

Simple installation, user guidance, and operation make this freeware virtual encrypted disk tool a snap for anyone to use. Cryptdisk.4h's dialog-size interface doesn't complicate the process. Five buttons and a small list make up an interface even novice users will quickly master.

Some users like the simplicity of an encrypted folder on their hard drive. This tool makes it easy to install such a folder and mount it as a virtual drive. There are dozens of such programs, but Cryptdisk.4h makes sure to give new users a very detailed step-by-step guide to set up the drives. Experienced users will have this app set up and running in minutes.

It's easy to set and use a password to block others from accessing your encrypted drive. With a few check boxes and a pull-down menu, users can set the drive's letter and mount it as read-only or removable. Multiple drives can be easily managed from a simple list menu. After mounting a drive, files can be dropped in and removed using Windows Explorer or drag and drop.

Users needing basic file encryption in an easy-to-use virtual drive setting will find Cryptdisk.4h answers their need at no cost.

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